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Friday, 19 August 2011

Point of sale software in India

The Indian retail industry is witnessing a boom like never before. The high spending of the Indian consumer is only multiplying; more and more Indians are becoming fashion conscious thanks to multiple brands opening stores in the country. With shopping malls coming up all over in even the two tier cities, every item on the shelf has acquired competitive value. Moreover, as the players in the retail industry are growing, brand competition is becoming tougher. The pressure to survive this competition is increasing, profit margins are thinning and occupancy costs are high. In such a scenario, the retail industry’s biggest challenge is to attain operational efficiency and profitability. The severity of this challenge has somewhat been alleviated by the various point of sale software available in India. Many IT solutions companies, understanding the industry specific requirements have developed software solutions, which help many retailers, optimise their businesses.

A point of sale software offers its retail client solutions for retail automation, sales, inventory management, merchandise management and planning. Combining people, process and technology, the software helps retailers improve their business performance. The prime benefits of a point of sale software are improved customer service and satisfaction, which is a key factor in the retail industry. In fact the POS system is no longer a “Point of Sales” system but a “Point of Service” system. With just a click of a button, various promotions and offers can be managed resulting in better customer service that in turn ensures satisfied customers and repeat buyers. As a retailer, you can achieve higher operational efficiency as the software can help you not only enforce operational processes, but also monitor and measure their effectiveness. A constant analysis of the various business operations involved on a day to day basis can result in continuous improving of different processes for better results.

A POS will help you analyze your customers if it has built in CRM capabilities and even strategize to keep you a pace ahead of competition. With improved merchandise sell through using RM and loyalty programs these systems can help you increase your revenue per square feet and lower operational costs. The CRM software can also help you profile customers, design various promotional schemes, and build customer loyalty and repeat purchases with targeted promotions. Many point of sale software in India offer packages that are easy to operate and flexible enough to be customized as per your requirements and product line.

Accurate end of the day closing of business after the last sale literally gives you the much needed peace of mind you need to ensure the future and protection of all business operations. To find a reliable software company, check for references and clientele lists, along with consulting a trusted and reputable source.

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